Virgil Elliott – Generating Reference Material Without Using a Camera at TRAC2014

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  • October 25, 2013 at 6:57 pm
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    Virgil Elliott, ranked as a Living Master by the Art Renewal Center, is internationally recognized for his expertise as an artist, teacher, art materials expert, and writer.

    Generating Reference Material Without Using a Camera
    Artist/author Virgil Elliott will demonstrate methods used by artists of the past to create reference material for whatever they wished to paint, as they did before the invention of photography. Whereas the camera is undeniably a convenient tool, Elliott asserts that artists of today are best served by learning how to work without it at least until they have developed the skills, knowledge and aesthetic sensibilities that will enable them to recognize what might need to be changed, to know in what ways things should be changed, and to give them the confidence to do so without hesitation when it would lead to a better, more artistic result; all in the interest of the Utmost Quality in the art we create, now and into the future.

    Painter/writer Virgil Elliott (born 1944) is best known as the author of the book, Traditional Oil Painting: advanced techniques and concepts from the Renaissance to the present, published in 2007 by Watson-Guptill Publications. Acknowledged as a Living Master by the Art Renewal Center, among the many honors and awards he has received over the years, Virgil is widely recognized as an expert on historic oil painting techniques and oil painting materials of the past and present.  He has written and published articles in various art magazines on the working methods and/or lives of Rembrandt, Titian, Frans Hals, Artemisia Gentileschi, and the 19th Century French artist William Bouguereau, among other things. He taught oil painting at the College of Marin, in Marin County, California for a few years, and has taught privately since 1982. Virgil has been an active participant/member of ASTM International’s Subcommittee on Artists’ Paints and Materials since 1997, which experience has broadened his knowledge of artists’ materials considerably and has made him the acquaintance of many experts in the field, including top-level conservation scientists from major museums, from whom he says he has learned a great deal over the years.

    Virgil Elliott keeps a studio in the northern California Wine Country, where he paints, teaches and writes, and lives with his wife, singer/actress Annie Lore.

    TRAC2014 is an international academic event exploring the direction of representational art in the 21st century. The conference takes place in the seaside town of Ventura, California, March 2-5, 2014. Keynote speakers are Roger Scruton and Juliette Aristides.

    The conference will focus on the aesthetic principles and values implicit in the representational art of the 21st Century. Having established at TRAC2012 that the representational art community has an important voice, it is timely to explore and articulate its distinctive aesthetic values, vision and philosophical outlook. Our purpose is not to establish a single monolithic aesthetic for representational art, but to identify commonalities, understand the unique possibilities of representational art, and perhaps provide some illumination about future directions. What relationship to the world is the artist striving for? What values guide the hand?




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