TRAC2014 Papers: Brandon Kralik on Odd Nerdrum and the New Baroque

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  • February 22, 2014 at 3:50 pm
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  • Odd Nerdrum and the New Baroque

    Brandon Kralik

    Kralik_TRAC 200

    Brandon Kralik will present his paper “Odd Nerdrum and the New Baroque” at TRAC2014.

    Brandon Kralik is a painter who blends a timeless classical style with a contemporary vision to create fresh mythology. He was born in the United States and has spent the last 12 years of his 20 year professional painting career in Scandinavia. He painted for three years in the studio of Norwegian figurative painter Odd Nerdrum before opening his own studio in Sweden where he currently lives and works.

    He majored in Fine Art at Western State College of Colorado and studied Art History, photography and film at CUNY in Manhattan. It was here that he began his evolution from being a modern artist to a contemporary classical painter.

    He travels extensively and writes a blog for the Huffington Post‘s Arts and Culture section.

    His work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in the collections of Steven Tyler, The Crown Princess of Sweden, The Governors office of Jönköping Sweden, Matthew Barzun, who lead the financial campaign for President Obama¹s re-election, and Carlos Santana, among others.


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